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Boge leo e-cigarette from 

I have been a 1-pack a day smoker for the past 14 years and I never thought I’ll ever quit smoking. I personally felt that I was more addicted to the gesture than the nicotine itself as for the past 3 – 4 years I have been smoking low nicotine cigarettes. I mean I can’t really

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E-Cigs In The Media – A Sensible Media Response For Once

Finally, there may be some serious intelligent discussion taking place in the media regarding electronic cigarettes. The media have been partly to blame for the negative image that electronic cigarettes have developed over the last few months. But we have found a really interesting piece that seems to look at things more objectively for a

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A Clever Alternative to Vaporizing Tobacco

The realization that smoking tobacco is bad for peoples’ health made many tobacco smokers afraid of what it meant for them. People were confused at first at how they could be risking their lives by vaporizing tobacco when they smoked traditional cigarettes. These fears were partly allayed by the invention of electronic cigarettes. This is

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